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About Chrono24

Chrono24 was founded in 2003 and is a worldwide internet market platform for the exclusive specialized luxury watch trade sector. More than 2,000 professional retailers, as well as numerous private clients, utilize the platform to transact successful sales of a wide selection of high-end luxury watches. Customers have access to more than 300,000 new and previously-owned timepieces, from the traditional Omega costing a few hundred Euros, to the exclusive Patek Philippe collectible in excess of a million Euros.

Chrono24 Customers

Fair Collection

Omega Constellation Mens Watch Automatic Day Date Vintage
Omega Constellation Mens...

Ref. No. 752; Steel; Automatic; Condition 2 (fine); Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 55,188
Seiko Chronograph Sports Speedtimer Automatic Day Date Wrist...
Seiko Chronograph Sports...

Ref. No. r323; Steel; Automatic; Condition 2 (fine); Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 10,726
Omega Vintage Omega Automatic Constellation Mens Watch
Omega Vintage Omega Automat...

Ref. No. 752; Steel; Automatic; Condition 2 (fine); Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 55,188

Abhiraj Times

Omega Seamaster Automatic
Omega Seamaster Automatic

Ref. No. 162.025; Steel; Automatic; Condition 2 (fine); Year 1968; Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 35,752
Omega Seamaster Automatic Bumper Rotor Date
Omega Seamaster Automatic...

Ref. No. 2627 2 SC; Steel; Automatic; Condition 1 (mint); Year 1956; Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 45,502
Omega Seamaster Manual Winding
Omega Seamaster Manual Winding

Ref. No. 2814 6 SC; Steel; Manual winding; Condition 1 (mint); Year 1960; Location: India, Mumbai

Rs. 27,626

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